Designed to empower entrepreneurs with the skills and capabilities they need to propel their business into the future while simultaneously impacting their personal life, professional life, organization, and community

Who Will Benefit from Coaching Services?

Executives, entrepreneurs, and partners in business who strive to create a strategic decision making process.

Entrepreneurs who find it challenging to dedicate time to develop the vision and strategies needed to propel their organization into the future.

Early-stage entrepreneurs who seek to find clarity, set attainable goals, and stand out within their market place.

Business owners looking to experience personal and professional growth.

Any individual who feels stuck in their life, career, or business.

Any individual who is stressed and ‘running on empty’.

6 Month Coaching Program

Designed for established business owners, Marya 6 Month Coaching Program provides business owners with the tools needed to expand their business.

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Partners in Business 121 Coaching Program

If you and your partner are looking to experience growth, increased income, and a healthier work life balance, this is the program for you!

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Group Mastermind

Through the power of Mastermind Groups, Entrepreneurial Coaching Sessions help early-stage entrepreneurs to find clarity, set attainable goals, and to differentiate themselves in a crowded market.

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Hogan Assessment

The Hogan Assessment leverages decades of research on personality and values to empower entrepreneurs become more advantageous leaders.

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Breakthrough Session

mBraining Breakthrough Sessions are designed to help you unshackle your fullest potential to achieve your personal and professional dreams.

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Why Coaching?

You have the ability, passion and the drive! Together we will form a partnership
to unshackle your fullest potential to achieve your dreams.


Expand your business, drive change, and take your life back while simultaneously enjoying your hard-earned success.


You can make a difference. Fine tune the leadership skills you need to empower your team.


Own your business instead of your business owning you! Regain control of your life and grow your organisation.


Assess and identify your opportunities to achieve entrepreneurial success. Discover the importance of taking time for the things you love in life.

Unlocking Your Fullest Potential

Our world-class coaching methods have proven successful for entrepreneurs across a wide range of industries to turn their dreams into tangible realities.

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Samhita Borpujari

Life Coach

As the head of Marya Leadership Academy’s Youth Coaching program, Samhita leads career coaching and leadership development programs designed for emerging entrepreneurs and Change Leaders. Samhita brings with her over 100 coaching hours with both BBA and MBA students in Dubai, focusing on impactful communication and cross-cultural communication. Additionally, she has worked one-on-one with teenagers and young adults through our Academic Life Coaching program empowering them to achieve their academic goals, as well as personal fluency.

With a career that spans a wide range of interests from teaching to developing future leaders, Samhita leverages her training in ESL (English as a Second Language) for a unique approach to communication connecting with her clients. In particular, Samhita specializes in working with students with low self-esteem, lack of clarity in life goals, international students who are in transition as well as students who have personal challenges.

As an entrepreneurial and leadership coach, Samhita stands outs for her authenticity, creativity, eye for detail and aesthetic sense. Her compassionate nature coupled with her drive to make a difference allow her to build authentic relationships with her clients. She takes great pride in helping her clients to reach their ultimate personal professional success.

Supriya Sahai 

Associate Leadership Coach

As our Associate Leadership Coach, Supriya works with Marya Leadership Academy’s clients to articulate what are they seeking in the next phase of their successful careers and life. Clients often experience a recent difficult event in their personal lives (e.g. a personal health scare, an elderly parent's illness, a redundancy or unplanned exit from their long-term company) which has triggered deep thought about their future. Supriya helps such driven individuals to reinvent themselves.

A little bit of the passion behind the above is that she herself has reinvented herself over more than a decade old career. The first half of her career was heading a Retail Space Design production house. She gradually transitioned into Creative Thinking and Problem Solving awareness workshops and corporate sessions before exploring the field of Learning and Development.

After running the business development and being the Lead Facilitator in Dubai, for a good four years she began her coaching journey to transfer the immense possibilities to business owners and executives in the corporates. Her clients range from SME owners to middle level and senior executives in the corporates.

Apart from L&D she has a rich experience in the field of Design & Production all of which required strong goal visualization, client need understanding, goal setting, communication skills, time management, understanding the production chain, process management. Working in organizations was a vast learning experience to reassessing strategies, manufacturing possibilities & limitation, crisis management.



Virender Mohan

CEO Coach

Virender is the Chairman and CEO of LECO Botswana Pty. Ltd, one of the largest steel fabrication and Mining components manufacturers in Botswana. He is also the Chairman of Marya Holdings group of companies, a serial entrepreneur who has run a number of successful businesses in Africa, and a serial investor. He has been a mentor and coach to a large number of entrepreneurs starting and scaling their businesses.

Over the years, Virender has held various leadership positions in the Mining and Manufacturing industries in Southern Africa.

Additionally, Virender has held various leadership positions with international Social Sector organizations. At present, he is the Assistant District Governor of Rotary Club District 9400 Southern Africa.

He is the Chairman of Indian Association, Selebi Phikwe and has been President of Lions Club and Chairman of Golf Club.

Through these various roles, he has conceived and implemented hundreds of social impact projects across Southern Africa. In addition to this, he has been actively involved with HIV/AIDS prevention program in the country

At Marya Leadership Academy, Virender mentors and coaches entrepreneurs, CEOs and leaders of businesses either in the start up or scale up phase. He also coaches business leaders that are setting up or entering the African subcontinent.

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Neeru Sharma

Founder, Managing Director,
Executive Coach

As the Founder and Managing Director of the Marya Leadership Academy, Neeru leverages her passion, entrepreneurial experience, and effective business coaching skills to help her clients achieve organizational, personal, and professional growth. With over 13 years experience as an entrepreneurial coach, she leverages thousands of hours of Mindset Coaching to facilitate entrepreneurs and executives on their path to their unshackled potential.

From startups to established businesses, Neeru's straight forward coaching approach is designed to empower business leaders to grow their organizational frameworks and business processes, as well as personal and professional skills. Throughout their individual and group coaching sessions, Neeru's clients learn to build and run scalable, sustainable businesses. In fact, she has successfully helped several clients transition from the early stages of their business to reaching their next levels of growth and development. Additionally, Neeru has provided many of her clients with the mindset, skills, tools, insight, and decision making processes needed to secure capital funding (debt and equity).

Neeru is passionate about social impact, and has coached dozens of social entrepreneurs to develop systems to scale their businesses. Her clients have included Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, World bank, Local and International foundations, government agencies, and everything in between. She has worked with universities (to include SP Jain School of Global Management) and development agencies (such as UNDP) to establish women's leadership development programs with great success.

Additionally, Neeru successfully bridges the gap between the landscape of academia and the business world through her teachings as an adjunct faculty for various business schools. She is particularly proud of her work facilitating Executive MBA students Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation. Through her work, Neeru has successfully implemented entrepreneurship programs within two of the regions leading business schools – University of Dubai and Murdoch University, Dubai. These programs help young entrepreneurs to develop innovative scalable business plans, with a roadmap for accountability and execution.

Neeru is a natural networker and is a member of the Business Network International (BNI) Local Leadership team in the UAE. As a member of the local training team, she helps business owners learn how to grow their businesses through successful referral marketing.

Neeru is a certified Co-Active Coach, and is recognised as a PCC (Professional Certified Coach) by the International Coaches Federation. She is a lifelong learner and completes a new training/ certification every year to enhance her work.

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