Are You Ready to Expand Your Business and Experience More Free Time, Happiness, and Personal Fulfillment?

Achieve Growth and Freedom

Just as no two entrepreneurs have the same needs, no two 6 Month Entrepreneurial Coaching Sessions are exactly the same. However, depending on your specific needs, our tailored sessions will help you achieve the following…

Strategic Direction

Whether you have been running your business for years or have recently founded a startup, you need strategic direction. Clarify your core strategy and business goals, so you and your team know exactly what direction you’re headed and how you’re going to get there.

Personal Direction

Do you feel like you are “busy” all of the time? The key to success lies in balance. You need to carve out time in life for the things you love. What matters most to you? What makes you happy? What are your joys in life? Why are you working to create a successful business? Ultimately, what is it all for?

Design Indestructible Systems

Establish delivery systems that will work seamlessly every time, regardless of who’s operating them. The goal is to create organisational independence, so employees no longer depend solely on you.

Define Your Differentiator

Clearly define what sets your business apart in a highly competitive market. Together with your coach you will clearly create a unique differentiator.


Bounce your ideas and experiences off of your coach in a safe space. You’ll gain an alternative perspective and clarity to move forward.

Propel Growth

Stop spending your time working in your business and start focusing your efforts on your business. Recognize the fundamental drivers of real growth in your business, so that you can focus on the highest-value growth strategies.

Personal and Professional Action Plans

Implement practical, achievable action plans to bring your professional and personal strategies to life.

Why Choose Marya Leadership?

6 Month Entrepreneurial Coaching Sessions provide you with support to define your goals and dreams. Additionally, our sessions are designed to hold you accountable for achieving these goals and dreams!


"I had the pleasure of working with Neeru over the past year, though multiple Entrepreneurial Coaching Packages. During this time, Neeru helped me evaluate my inner strengths and weaknesses through a very scientific process. My personal mBraining session served to catapult my critical decision making process. Aside from helping me on my professional path, my coaching experience helped me recognize the importance of carving out time to take care of myself. I am looking forward to continuing my journey with Neeru in the future."

Ashish Puri CEO, GSTS (Interior Design and Fit-Out) January 18, 2019

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