Who Will Benefit from Mbraining?

Executives seeking to create a more aligned decision-making process.

Business owners who are unable to take fast action to make clear and decisive decisions.

Any individual who is stuck on making a decision in their life, business, or career.

Any individual feeling stressed or burned out.

Success Steps

mBraining Breakthrough Sessions help you leverage the power of an integrated coaching approach that is practical, potent, and proven to guide you on your path to success.

Unshackle Your Potential

How does accessing the intelligence in your head, heart,
and gut benefit you in a Coaching session?


Gain clarity on what is holding you back personally and professionally. Stop procrastinating and take action towards achieving what’s important to you!


mBraining helps individuals process and manage their emotions for a positive impact on professional and personal behaviours and relationships.


mBraining helps individuals gain a deeper understanding of what they really want, obtain greater self-clarity, and gain a greater sense of self.


Leverage mBraining techniques to integrate and communicate with all three neural networks. Gain the skills needed to integrate what you think, feel, and know in your decision making.


Like any other muscle – the more you exercise it, the stronger it becomes. You can use mBraining skills throughout your life and career to change undesirable habits and make confident decisions to unshackle your fullest potential!


Neuroscience has discovered we have complex and functional intelligence systems not only in our brain but also in our heart and gut. mBraining is proven to help these systems align to achieve who we really are.


"I would recommend mBit Breakthrough Sessions to any individual who feels stuck in business or in life. Neeru provides individuals with the tools and techniques they need to gain new perspectives and awareness by encouraging you to open up your thoughts and feelings. The result is an enhanced understanding of one's inner self."

Carly Ivany Transformed Life and Career January 18, 2019

Achieve Your Dreams with Personal Coaching Sessions

You have the drive, passion, and experience – together we can put together the pieces of the puzzle to help you unshackle your fullest potential. Contact us today to schedule your first mBraining personal coaching session!

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