Business Coaching

Because, the moment you chose to start a small business, you unwittingly chose to play a significantly larger game than any game you had ever played before.

Michael E. Gerber, The E-Myth Revisited

Being an entrepreneur is a challenging and often a lonely journey. For decades now, successful business Leaders and sports professionals have hired coaches to drive business results. Entrepreneurs are fast realizing that having a coach or a mentor helps navigate this amazing journey of learning, growing, failing and moving on.

Whether you are an experienced entrepreneur or expect to make the transition soon, you will realize that being an entrepreneur means you wear many hats: marketing, business development, finance, operations and the role that entrepreneurs dread the most: managing a growing team.

This experience can be overwhelming. It often is. Having run our own businesses and worked closely with hundreds of entrepreneurs in the past, we understand your challenges. Coaching will help you connect to and focus on the things that matter – the strategic levers and stay grounded in your values, this helping you and your business reach its full potential.

Business Coaching is the process of working with a qualified professional in a safe, structured environment to explore avenues for business and leadership growth.  The outcome of an effective business coaching relationship is a successful business.

Our Business Coaching Program is a 10 months intensive coaching program that helps you clarify a sustainable, scalable, profitable business model. Over the course of the program, you will work with trained, certified experienced business coaches to execute your business growth through regular one-on-one intensive coaching sessions. The coach and entrepreneur “meet” once or twice a month in person or on skype.

During the first session, you and your coach will work together to clarify your focus for the coaching and set goals.

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